This year the Facer European Festival needs a great number of volunteers to keep it running smoothly.  We are looking for enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers for Monday, August 7, 2017.

Volunteers ensure a safe and enjoyable Festival experience by directing visitors, supporting the Facer European Festival Team, and assisting with setup/teardown.  This is fun, easy work that can be applied to your high school or community service hours.


Volunteer Coordinator:

Reports directly to the Festival Chair.  The Volunteer Coordinator works with all of the designated coordinators and volunteers to ensure the seamless transition of all assignments by assisting in the shift scheduling and resolving any conflicts to ensure the appropriate amount of volunteers are available at all times and are accounted for on-site, ensures respectful treatment of all coordinators and volunteers, ensures the safe, clean and friendly environment at the festival, provides a good impression and enthusiastically answers any questions about the festival, understands and complies with the volunteer regulations and code of ethics of the festival.

Festival Marshals:

During the festival, maintain side street closures, provide directions to participants, ask people to dismount from their bicycles when entering the festival route and redirect traffic.

Patrol Marshals

During the festival walk the festival area looking out for the safety of all participants, alternate with barricade personnel and follow through with above Festival Marshal Volunteer description.

Barricade Personnel:

Ensure barricades are kept in place at certain locations, alternate with patrol personnel and follow through with above Festival Marshal Volunteer description.

VIP Parking Lot Attendants:

Maintain the entrance and exit of vehicles into the designated parking lot using barricades and a list of VIPs & Dance Groups will be provided.  Direct VIPs and Dance Groups to the Canadian Polish Society Home.  This lot must be kept clean, so advise all users to maintain cleanliness. Only exceptions for entrance/exit would be on the provided list and emergency vehicles.

VIP Assembly Room Attendants:

Located in the Canadian Polish Society Home, limit access to VIPs and Dance Groups and direct them to the relaxation area, the dressing area and assembly area.


Clean-up Team:

Assist with cleaning up after visitors.

Canadian Polish Society Hall Attendants:

Provide a certain amount of security for items.

Dancer Escorts:

Escort on stage dancers.

Volunteer Break Relievers:

Upon direction of Volunteer Coordinator, replace volunteers at various locations for maximum 20 minute breaks.

Street Closure and Opening Team:

Set-up and take down barricades at designated streets with assistance of second volunteer and post and remove signage to barricades as required.

Survey Team

We want to know who is coming to Facer European Festival!  Help us capture the demographics of our festival, how they found out about us, where they came from, and their experience. You will have the freedom to move throughout the Festival.  Computer entry volunteers needed as well!

Beverage Servers

These volunteers will be serving alcoholic beverages to thousands of thirsty Facer European

Festival patrons at one of our many service areas. This is a non-stop fast paced service area.  This is one of the most popular positions at the Facer European Festival, shifts fill quickly.  When shifts are full, volunteers may be asked to accept a re-assignment to another location.  Volunteers must be 21 to serve alcohol and participation in Alcohol Awareness Training is encouraged.





After you have completed the application below, you will receive a confirmation of your application from the Volunteer Coordinator, a few days after your application is submitted.

You will be forwarded by e-mail an Orientation Package.  Included will be an outline of your job description and for all the other Volunteer positions.

Please arrive at the designated Volunteer Tent on time.  You must sign in and out at the Volunteer Tent.

You will be given an Event T-shirt at the beginning of your first scheduled shift.  Please wear this T-shirt during the entirety of your scheduled shift(s).  It is important that we can locate our volunteers in a large crowd with these T-shirts.

Besides your Event T-shirt, make sure that you dress comfortably.  Bring along your own caps, sunglasses and sunscreen if necessary.  If rain is forecasted, bring along your rain wear and umbrellas.  Please do not bring valuables.  The festival will not be held responsible for any lost belongings left at the Volunteer Tent.

You will be given a food voucher at the Volunteer Tent when you arrive for your first shift.

Volunteers may not smoke while on shift.

There are scheduled breaks.  Please stay on duty until your relief volunteer arrives.

Join our team by filling out the form below.

Volunteers Policy & Conditions

As a volunteer for the Facer European Festival the following conditions apply:

1.   You must be over 18 years of age to be one of our volunteers.

2.   You will be expected to do 4 – 5 hours of volunteer work in two or more shifts.

3.   No financial payment will be made by the festival for your services as a volunteer.

4.   You are responsible for organizing your own transportation to and from the festival.

5.   Volunteers who have committed to volunteer hours will receive a friend of the festival T-shirt.

6.   We expect you to work the hours allocated to you.  Anyone who fails to honor their volunteer commitments without a valid reason will have any future applications turned down. 

7.   If you are unable to fulfill your shifts for any reason, you must let us know within two days of receiving your roster.  Shifts will only be changed for those with a VERY good reason.  If you cancel a shift, you must take another shift of the same duration to make up the minimum volunteer hours.  If this cannot be arranged, we reserve the right to cancel your volunteer commitment. 

8.   You will be expected to work within the guidelines and adhere to any instructions given to you by the Volunteer Coordinator, Administrator and any other key festival organizers.

9.   Being under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances as a Volunteer for this festival will NOT be tolerated at any time.  Anyone found to be under the influence of either will be immediately terminated as a Volunteer and have future applications turned down. 

10. You must let us know of any medical condition that could affect your duties as allocated.

11. You will be expected to have an active mobile phone contact number at the festival in case we need to contact you urgently.

12. Wear your Friends of the Festival T shirt and/or name tag while on duty. 

13. Remember you are the faces of the festival and represent yourselves and the festival at its best.

And most of all please enjoy the experience and have a great time helping this new festival run to its best potential.  Thank you for your enthusiasm and support!



Volunteers Code of Ethics/Conduct

Volunteers are the backbone of the Facer European Festival.  They build the festival and maintain nearly every facet of it for this fabulous day.  Artists, staff and patrons will comment about the enthusiastic, friendly, helpful attitude of our volunteers and the fun festival atmosphere.  Thanks so much for your time, talent, passion, experience, knowledge and hard work.  We could not do it without you!

As “Friends of the Festival” volunteer, you agree to contribute to the festival’s success by abiding by the following code of ethics/conduct:

General Commitment, Ethics and Expectations:

  • Work as a team for the event to make a positive contribution to the festival culture and overall success.  Care and respect is paramount in working with festivals colleagues, artists and patrons.
  • Promote the festival in a positive way.  Never do say or do anything to cause harm the festival.
  • Acknowledge the importance of our individual contributions to the total effort involved in providing a happy and comfortable, yet safe and structured environment.
  • Complete the tasks assigned to you in the guide instructions, or as directed by festival staff.
  • No volunteers shall use to their own advantage any property or monies belonging to the festival.  All volunteers will be honest and trustworthy.
  • Arrive at your shift at or before your scheduled time prepared to make your contribution as required.  Ensure the Festival office and Volunteer Coordinator are kept informed about changes in your circumstances.

Inappropriate Behavior:

While this can cover a wide range of behavior the following behavior will not be tolerated by the Festival Board or Management.  A breach of the following may require you to leave your duties as a volunteer until the matter is discussed with Festival Management:

  • Working as a volunteer while intoxicated.
  • Working as a volunteer while under the influence of recreational drugs.
  • Any approaches of a sexual nature to festival attendees or fellow volunteers.
  • Smoking while working as a volunteer.
  • The use of foul language while working as a volunteer.


  • Be acutely aware of your surroundings and strive to create and encourage a safe and enjoyable environment for those around you.


  • Wear your “Friends of the Festival” T-shirt and or name tag while on duty.
  • Keep your mobile phone on (silent please!) in case you need to be contacted urgently.
  • Put safety first in all activities.
  • Work only according to your level of competency.
  • Be aware of any issues that may cause problems and report to your Volunteer Coordinator.
  • Contact and report to your Volunteer Coordinator when confronted with a situation that you are unable to contend with or is beyond your role and responsibility.
  • Volunteers must be aware of the services available to festival patrons during the festival.
  • It is imperative for the smooth running of the festival that all volunteers cooperate and work together as a team.


  • Stay calm and relaxed.  Listen and discuss.  Be clear and consistent.  Seek advice whenever appropriate.
  • Keep the Festival Management informed on any changed circumstances.
  • Have a reasonable understanding of the line of accountability within the festival.
  • As a volunteer, you must follow all instructions from the Volunteer Coordinator and other Festival staff or Committee Member.

A serious breach of the Code of Ethics/Conduct could result in the volunteer being relieved of duties and/or loss of access to the festival.  Such conduct may also result in denial of future volunteer applications.

Terms of Agreement:

  • I agree to abide by the Code of Ethics / Conduct.
  • I agree to carry out my volunteer tasks within my rostered hours.
  • I agree to contact the Volunteer Coordinator as early as possible if circumstances prevent me commencing a shift.
  • I agree that no financial payment will be made by the Festival for my volunteer services.
  • I agree that if I do not complete my shift without ample notice or satisfactory reason it could result in me not being eligible for future applications to volunteer.
  • I am over 18 years of age.

Completion of your relevant application form will confirm your agreement to this code.

Volunteer Sign Up Form

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